Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Overall, for the listed price color us thoroughly impressed if you are looking for a quality steam-driven product, we say look no further than the Dupray neat steam cleaner also known as the best steam carpet cleaner available on the market in 2021

this is the lightest cleaner in the Dupray range itis also very easy to use this high pressure and high-temperature cleaner can tackle the entire house

from the bedrooms to the living room including the kitchen and bathroom Dupray neat even cleans the interior of your car

it has an integrated funnel that is directly connected to a water reserve of 54 ounces or 1600 milliliters

the pull handle is located on top of the broiler and helps users to lift and transport the steam cleaner move or store it

the average temperature of the steam cleaner is 120 degrees celsius while the steam produced by this cleaner reaches a temperature of 135 celsius

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner – perfect search products

this is an ideal heat for degreasing and disinfecting steaming at 135 celsius also removes some pests

the manufacturer offers no less than 18 accessories with this device including several handles

brushes as well as heads of different sizes and shapes and microfiber cloths

the neat cleaner handle is approximately 32 inches long the connecting pipe between the rigid handle and the steam tank measures 6 feet which will be quite enough for most needs

to use this steam cleaner, you must first choose the appropriate accessories depending on the surface you want to clean, for example, to clean the floors we will install a large head at the end of the handle and add a microfiber cloth to the head of the broom, to work on the joints of the tiles in the bathroom install the small nozzle provided for that purpose, then just fill the kettle with water and only water as for washing with this high-pressure cleaner there is no need for detergent

the machine reaches the optimal temperature in five to ten minutes on average it takes seven minutes for the cleaner to be hot enough and ready to use

also, it boasts good autonomy because thanks to the large capacity of 1.6liters this depressed steam cleaner works 50 minutes after charging good stuff a thumbs up from here

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