Silk’n Infinity – Permanent Hair Removal

If you were looking for a laser hair removal with the highest possibilities of adjustment and personalization, we say look no further than the silk infinity at home permanent hair removal also known as the best customizable laser hair removal you can find on the market in 2021

this device has a charging of 4,00,000 flashes which means it can be perfectly used for life and can be shared

which in most cases you might want to consider investing in a cleaning box to keep it clean most devices did not allow such a long use and must be charged along the way but there is no such problem here

the product fits most skin and hair tones just to be sure read the information on the website before purchasing to make sure if you are dark haired with light skin this device will be ideal for you the darker skin types the treatment will unfortunately be more limited

so, for optimal results the hair must be darker than the skin this device is designed for home use and is perfectly safe

also be careful not to put the device on maximum power for the first time as the connected application is well done to gradually achieve the desired power

Silk’n Infinity – At Home Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men – perfect search products

the efficiency of the device depends on many criteria but do keep in mind that the results at the armpit level are much slower for example the device must not be used on tattoos if you have tattooed legs, you will not be able to cover them

when the treatment starts you will no longer be able to epilate but only shave so as to not change the treatment in the end the hairs will grow so little that after a while you have to shave only once a week or less users say that it’ll take about a year to achieve optimal results and you don’t have to remove the hair before the hair grows back four years later

which is great the amp also allows you to specify the right strength for a specific area for example strength5 for the armpits and legs and strength4 for the bikini line which is a little more sensitive the treatment of all areas is very fast it takes about 30minutes to treat the armpits

the whole leg and bikini line 30 minutes every two weeks is half the time as opposed to what users spend on epilating their legs with an electric epilator good stuff a thumbs up from here

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